• We look at businesses with a consistent track record of profitability and cash generation.
  • Generally we invest £3m to £10m targeting businesses with EBIT above £1m.
  • We only take majority investments and invest in predominantly UK based businesses.
  • We have historically looked at businesses where service is an essential component in value creation; we have tended to prefer B2B niche businesses but are open minded about B2C, should the right opportunity arise.
  • When we look at a business opportunity we score the business against a number of different criteria:
    – The quality of the management team
    – The strategy and vision for the business
    – Historical financial performance and asset backing
    – The customer base
    – Sophistication of processes, systems and MI
    – Key threats and challenges facing the business
  • The most important of all is finding management teams with whom we can build a successful long term working relationship.
  • We do not generally invest in start-ups or early stage businesses.